I’m Updating Myself part 1 of 3.

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Hello again. How are you? Is life well with you? I hope so. In this blog I will be talking about some of the ways I changed myself from being fat to how I am now and the steps that I took to do this. This journey doesn’t just include my ever decreasing amount of […]

My Music Set Up So Far

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Hello there! I’m in the process of writing a blog about how I’ve lost so much weight over the last year and a half that I will post in the next few days. In the mean time I wanted to post a video showing my music set up that I recorded on 18th July 2012 […]

Where am I now?

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Hello to you,I felt it was about time to write another blog post as it has been almost three months since I last wrote. So much has happened in that time. Here’s a little precise of what’s been going on: joined a spiritual music band, been rehearsing since the end of April, been on a […]