5 Steps to Get Better

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Hi there, 5 Steps to take to Get Better Are you feeling poorly or uncomfortable at all? Is there something going on in you that needs to get better? If so then there are things that you can do to encourage healing in your body, mind or life. Step One: is to recognise that there […]

Heal Your Body

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What are molecules of emotions? Have you ever heard of molecules of emotions? It is a widely researched area of neuropharmacology that looks into how and where emotions are excreted and stored. Candace Pert was a forerunner in this sort of research at NIH and Georgetown University Medical Center, USA. She found out that our bodies secrete neuropeptides, […]

The Caravan Idea: Where’ve We Been?

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50p Kettle! Hello to you all, It has been a long time since I last posted – over 6 months! I’d hoped to blog more about our journey but living without electricity and moving every few weeks or so made it a real challenge to do. Electricity is so important for keeping the phone charged […]

Low Carb Breakfast Idea 1

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Hello there lovely people, How are you doing?  This is just a very quick blog to show what I have for breakfast sometimes as I know there are many of you out there who are wondering – “what on earth can I eat on this low carb lifestyle?” I am on a low carb, vegetarian, […]

Naturally Clean Nice Smelling Armpits

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Hello there you beautiful people, I just wanted to tell you something amazing that I’ve come across. My intuition gave me the idea…… I was stunned by the results. I think it’s a mini miracle. Here’s the story. My armpits get so hot and smelly very easily even when I wash effectively – no matter […]

Low Carb Lunch

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Everything Lunches What Could You Eat For Lunch? Hello beautiful people. So I’ve blogged before about the benefits of a low carb lifestyle, check out the link to Mark’s Daily Apple website and my ‘Updating Myself’ blog at the end of this blog for more info about that. Basically you’ll be eating your way to […]

Following My Intuition

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I was in Norwich yesterday visiting the charity shops when I sensed that my intuition wanted to tell me something. I know when my intuition is wanting to say something as I can feel a tingling sensation go off in the top part of my head. Like a bell going off but without the sound. […]

Lowish Carb Roasted Feta Vegetables Recipe

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Hello, hello! If you would like to keep up to date with my posts then I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a few others. You’ll find the links on the right hand side of this blog page. We’re only a click away. So here is a lowish carb recipe that we’ve used a few times […]