5 Steps to Get Better

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5 Steps to take to Get Better

Are you feeling poorly or uncomfortable at all? Is there something going on in you that needs to get better? If so then there are things that you can do to encourage healing in your body, mind or life.

Step One:

is to recognise that there is something wrong or uncomfortable. How do you do this? It’s about noticing when you feel wrong, out of place or perhaps you have a desire to run away or perhaps you might be using mind altering substances to blanket the sensations away. You may be in physical pain too. Your body might have an area that doesn’t look right. You might hear unkind words in your head. Once you notice there is discomfort then you can do something about. Spend time noticing these things in your day to day life. You can also use a journal or phone to note these things down and when they happen.

Step Two:

is to find out more information about it. Is it physical pain in your body? Where is it in your body? What does it feel like? What does it look like? Is it unhelpful thinking? Are you doing something that you don’t like to do? Is it something from your past that’s bothering you? Do you need someone with expert advice to help you find out more about it like a doctor or a qualified therapist? Do you need a blood test to get more information? Could you speak to a friend about it? So it’s about working out if it is something that you can find the information out yourself or if you need more information from someone who is an expert.

Step Three:

What do you need to get better? What is your end goal? How will you feel when you are better? What will you look like when you are better? it’s then about working out what you need in order to reach that goal. You can find out a lot of what you might need by asking yourself whilst in meditation. You hold a lot of the answers yourself, it’s a matter of asking to find out. Maybe you need: more sleep, to change your food to more healthy foods, stop eating sugar, drink more water, speak to someone, heal yourself with your imagination, google ideas about how to help yourself, exercise or work on changing your mindset. Perhaps you need more input from a doctor, consultant or therapist in order to support you and give you ideas as to what you can do. You may even need some medicine to help support yourself. Once you know what is going on for you there are also some really great groups online that you can join. Books are also a great resource for healing information too.

Step Four:

is to get help and support. Generally humans work better when we support each other. We aren’t designed to always be on our own. Sometimes we need others in our lives. Also we get better much more quickly if we have support, whether that be from a family member, friend, doctor or therapist. Sometimes just telling the truth to someone that we are finding things challenging will give us results because we will have got it out of our body. So who do you know that can give you help and support? Let them know what you need from them in order to reach your goal. Be confident in asking too. If you need help then it’s ok to ask – you are worth it. So what help is it that you need? Who can you ask? What ongoing support do you need to ensure you reach your get better goal?

Step Five:

is to take action on what you need to do. When will you do these things to help you get better? Sort it out immediately or decide on a day when you will do it and keep to that. If you don’t take action then you will remain in that pain. Taking action to get better means that you will get better more quickly. Did you know that sometimes it takes people up to two years (or more in some cases) before they get help for any pain. Things would be easier to sort out if we did something when the pain originally comes. So when will you do the things that will enable you to get better? How often will you need to do them too?

Well I hope you have found this information useful. Do comment below if you have any suggestions, input or ideas that have been helpful for you too. Also please do share this post so that others can learn more about how they can be in charge, encourage healing and get better in their body, mind and lives.
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