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What are molecules of emotions?

Have you ever heard of molecules of emotions? It is a widely researched area of neuropharmacology that looks into how and where emotions are excreted and stored. Candace Pert was a forerunner in this sort of research at NIH and Georgetown University Medical Center, USA. She found out that our bodies secrete neuropeptides, emotions, and once secreted they can travel around the body and that they could be stored in cells, glands, organs, muscle tissue and the skin. There are over 50 different types of them produced in our bodies and they are still being researched now.

This is important information for us humans to know about as it shows that unexpressed emotions can get stored in the body. So say, for instance, you had an emotional shock during your life that was left unresolved those neuropeptides/emotions would still be sat in your body somewhere. A large collection of neuropeptides could then create a blockage in the cells and if left, could cause problems. 

Ways to clear excess emotions in our bodies.

Good news is that there are many ways that you can release those neuropeptides from where they are and clear them from your body. You can help yourself by:

1. exercising, 
2. meditating, 
3. doing daily breathing exercises, 
4. eating a healthy diet and 
5. ‘Body Scans’

If you need extra help there are therapists who can help with things like massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, osteopathy, reflexology, etc. There are also mind healing modalities that can help too like hypnotherapy, NLP, and cognitive behaviour therapy.

What is a ‘Body Scan’

It is a technique that enables you to be in charge of your body and gives you greater control with what is happening inside of your body. You can utilise your bodies in built healing processes to clear, repair and replenish any area in your body. The greatest tool in your bodies healing is your imagination. Clients of mine have had some remarkable transformations to happen because they allowed themselves to follow their imagination. 

So the best way for me explain the ‘Body Scan’ process is to talk you through what I do. I like to do this when I have awoken or when I’m going off to bed in the evening.  I lie down and then go through my body with my imagination and see, feel, listen to what is in there. 

I start with my toes and work my way up my body – onto feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, lower abdomen, middle abdomen, high abdomen, chest, shoulders, upper arm, elbows, forearms, wrists, palms, fingers and thumbs, back up to shoulders, into neck, skull, ears, jaw, mouth, tongue, teeth, gums, nose, cheeks, eyes, brain, and then into the spine. The idea is to check into every part of your body. Once you get more acclimatised to your body you can also feel into your internal organs to see how they are doing. I’ll be posting more info about how to do this too.

What do I need to do?

To check how my body is doing I feel into an area – how is it doing? Is there any pain? No – then move onto another area. If there is pain then – what does it look like in my mind’s eye? Does it have a shape? Does it have a sound? Does it have sensation or feeling attached to it? Can I move it on? What does it need? Does the area have anything to tell me? Sometimes I hear things, sometimes I see things, sometimes I just know about what’s going on. Trust what your body tells, shows, or says to you. and the more you practice this technique the better you will get at it. The saying ‘all you need to know is inside yourself’ really comes in to play here. 

Whenever I come across an area that is painful I spend time looking at the area in my imagination. If I see, feel, hear a blockage then I can use a sweeping movement to move it through. If the area needs more attention then I can zoom in with my imagination and look at the molecules that might be blocking it. I then sweep them away, wash them away or even sometime blow them up with my imagination laser gun! There are many other techniques that I use on myself and my clients to help shift the stuck molecules too. Sometimes there are stories in our bodies too that need moving on (I’ll talk about that on another blog though.) 

Use your circulatory and lymphatic system too

I also help heal an area by imagining greater blood flow to help oxygenate it. I do this by opening up the capillaries and arteries. I can then feel when more blood enters an area as there is a particular pulse that comes into it that is the same rate as your heart beat! For me, when the pulse comes I know that the flow has returned and that’s the best I can get an area. 

The Blood System
I also open up the lymphatic tubes to help move away any waste. I imagine there being more space in the lymphatic tubes and I sort of squeeze the liquid through the tubes to help it on its way. I can track the liquid lymph moving through my lymphatic system and when I hear gurgling sounds I know that it’s being filtered. Go for the gurgling sound as then you know it’s getting moved on. 

I also get a releasing sensation in my upper chest too where the lymph goes back into the bloodstream via the subclavian vein. Other times the lymph has come up and out of my tonsils. I just let the lymph flow go wherever it needs to to be filtered and sorted. I trust that my body knows what it is doing. Once the lymph has been moved I feel so good, I get a releasing feeling. Again, the more you practice this technique the better you will get at it. You will also be able to have these wonderful sensations.

                                                          The Lymphatic System

The Optimal Flow Point

There is a point during the ‘Body Scan’ when there is optimal flow into every part of my body, which feels amazing. By that I mean blood is flowing to every part of my body, lymph is being filtered properly and my spine is aligned, my muscles are where they are supposed to be and the sensation for me is like floating on a sparkling bed of wonderfulness. It truly feels blissful. That is when I know that I’ve reached the optimal state of being. That is what I am going for. I then like to imagine being filled with a golden liquid that rejuvenates and replenishes all my cells. Some of my clients like to imagine themselves fill up with different things too – different coloured lights, golden liquid, fresh sea water – anything that rejuvenates, replenishes and makes you feel awesome.

I have been practising this technique now for about 20 years and am very adept at noticing what is going on with my body. It is a technique that with time and attention anyone can do. The more you trust your imagination the better the technique will be and will work more effectively.

Personally I think this is a technique that would be useful for everyone to learn as it puts you in the driving seat of your body. It gives you the tools and knowledge to be able to heal your own body with your imagination. We all experience emotions and trauma at different times in our lives and so being able to clear our bodies is very important.

I can teach you more…..

I am a practitioner of this technique and use it in my therapy sessions alongside massage so I can teach it to you if you would like to learn it firsthand. 

I am available for one to one session in Norwich, UK and am able to do learning and or therapy sessions in your own home up to two hours drive from Norwich, I charge a travel rate per mile. I also offer phone sessions too for people overseas.

If you would like a session with me then message me at be@thegetbetterhub.co.uk or via my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Be-Coffin-The-Get-Better-Hub-905736446180583/

I will also be writing more blogs about this technique so do keep posted so you can learn more about your body and mind. It’ll be very useful.

Perhaps you might already be doing a process similar to this. If so, do let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you and what works for you.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions then do please post them below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Good luck with the Body Scan.

With my love

Be Coffin

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