The Caravan of Life

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So, hello!

This post is about my new life direction where we decided to buy a caravan, move out of our rented bungalow, and live on different bits of land around Norfolk and Suffolk.

The reason behind this life style change was my partner and I were finding living in rented accomodation a challenge financially, emtionally and spiritually. We wanted to live a life that felt more free for us and our children. One where we weren’t trapped by modern belongings and by our own failures.

Our dream is to live on a piece of land with other people of common mindsets, working the land together towards self sustainability, using our skills and abilities, celebrating together, and living our lives as free as possible, amongst other things. So we decided to make a change that would take us closer to the life that we want to live.

So far we have decreased our belongings by selling them, giving them away or throwing them away. We have bought a caravan and we’ve been living on a north Norfolk field for nearly two weeks now. In fact I am sitting in our caravan awning now, listening to the rain and my partner reading a story to our two children, tapping this out on my smart phone.

It has certainly been a challenge and not easy at points. Other times I’ve felt free and in total bliss.
Today we found out that the van we’d bought last week at a garage for £1095 had a bodged fibre glass floor that would have taken a lot of money and time to sort out. So the garage has refunded our money as it needed too much welding and failed its mot. We are now vanless!

Things are uncertain and unpredictable. We went from having a van to having no van in the space of a weekend. It’s hard not to be fatalistic thinking how stupid an idea this was to even start.

However, it’s actually fine. It’s about finding another solution – adapting. I certainly feel alive. We knew this experiment wasn’t always going to be easy.

So next steps are to sell some more things so we can spend a bit more on a decent van. We’ve been to Aspland Van Centre today to look at some. We’ve been advised to buy with a trader as a lot of the vans on ebay are dodgey. Also to buy one that has a years mot too. We just need to pool some more funds to get a decent one. We’ll get there…..just not as quickly as we’d hoped.

Well I’ll keep it at that moment. Wish us luck. Do post a comment if you feel moved to.

Best wishes to you.


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  1. Hi Be, it's Alice (we met when we were travelling around Norfolk in our van!)… I have been thinking of you guys lately as I knew you were almost at the point of making the big change. I hear everything you are saying, in particular that some days you think 'what a stupid idea!' and other days you feel free. Just remember though that through all the blips you are ALIVE and it's so easy to not feel alive when you're submersed in all that 'supposed' comfort and ease of the old bungalow life. We are sending much love and positivity to you and your family on your new journey and I know from experience that this kind of bravery – to reach out for the things you so desire in your heart – IS rewarded. We are currently sitting in our van in France: free, happy and filled with dreams… although if you had asked me the other day when our water tank broke and leaked everywhere, I may not have been so smiley 😉 Take care xxx

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