Naturally Clean Nice Smelling Armpits

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Hello there you beautiful people,

I just wanted to tell you something amazing that I’ve come across. My intuition gave me the idea…… I was stunned by the results. I think it’s a mini miracle. Here’s the story.

My armpits get so hot and smelly very easily even when I wash effectively – no matter what I do! There I’ve admitted it. I’ve not told many people about that…..why would I?

It’s been the same all my life. I’ve tried everything from everyday roll on deodorants, which I don’t use as there are links to cancer because of the parabens and aluminium in them and other cosmetics.

I’ve tried the hippy ones, which I now don’t use because they still just block my armpit pores and then the pores go into overdrive to sweat the stuff out which means I then smell even worse. Double sweat!

I’ve even tried the salt crystal sprays and roll ons, which ended up not working as well.

Nothing was working…..I started the day smelling amazing and after a while I just started to smell bad. I used to try and hide it by never lifting my arms – that’s not an easy thing to do……..and not a way I want to live my life!

So recently I’ve just been using olive oil that had a few scented oils in them. I smelt great at the start of the day but after 3 hours or so then I just got smelly again. It wasn’t working either. I felt destined to smell for the rest of my life. Boo hoo.

However yesterday was different. I did something differently because my intuition told me that there was a different way. I listened to what it had to say. Here’s what I did…..

I washed as normal in the morning, with my pure olive soap that has no nasty chemicals in or scents. I then got a small amount of my olive oil mixture and then added the secret ingredient………. two drops of tea tree oil! I then mixed it together in my palm, rubbed my hands together and then applied it under my armpits.

I felt a little tingling and then the lovely clean smell of tea tree rose up and I got on with my day.

Guess what…….I did not start smelling after one hour, two or even three hours, it lasted ALL DAY! Even when I woke up this morning I was not smelly. Oh the success I felt. And I wanted to share it all with you.

I believe that it is important to not use nasty chemicals on our bodies as they seep into our physical systems and clog them up. It means that we can get ill more easily and could end up with a serious condition later on in life. I only use olive oil on my body, natural soap and floride free toothpaste. I organis natural shampoo and natural conditioner too. I still need to find a better alternative to the shampoo and conditioner but I’m getting there. If you’ve got any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them.

The best thing about olive oil and tea tree oil is it is non toxic. It means that you won’t have to worry about what it is doing to your body. Men and women can use it.

Please do a skin check first though to see if your body has a reaction to it. It is highly unlikely but it is best to check first. Also please don’t put it on broken skin as that’ll sting like billio!!!

Anyway the long and short of it is – it is cheap, it is natural, it is nasty chemical free and anyone can use it (after checking to see that they don’t react to it of course).

So please spread the word…….. to have smell free armpits use one tea spoon of olive oil mixed with two drops of tea tree oil rubbed under your armpits! How easy is that?

Do let me know how it goes for you. Maybe you use less olive oil or a different oil. Maybe you use more tea tree oil or less. Do post your responses below. I’d love to hear.

With my love


p.s. I feel elated. I think I’ve finally found the solution! Do spread the word people. No need to use those nasty chemical deodorants any more.

p.p.s I realise that this is only one day’s research – if you knew my armpits then you would be amazed just by one day too!

EDIT: I now don’t wash my armpits with soap I use bicarbonate of soda powder on them. Rub the Bicarb into your pits. Leave for a bit, dust off and then wipe with a wet flannel (so you don’t get white patches show up). Then use your essential oil mix on top. It’s a winner for me. Let me know how it works for you. I even use coconut oil with the oils mixed in. Lovely stuff.

4 thoughts on “Naturally Clean Nice Smelling Armpits

  1. Hey Be, I may be one of those few people who have had that conversation with you. I am using an alternative one but finds it only works properly on my left armpit!

    I am delighted that you have found a solution and will try it myself tomorrow, love Zoe Grace

  2. Hi Zoe Grace,

    Thanks for your comment. 🙂

    How did it go? Did it work for you?

    I think that I need to make a reduced tea of nettles, add tea tree oil and then cypress oil too with a bit of olive oil. That's the next step. I'll let you know how that goes. Not sure why nettles….it just feels right!

    Love Be xxx

  3. Hi there,

    I don't use Lavilin. Sounds interesting.

    More recently I've using bicarbonate of soda powder directly onto my armpits. Then I wash it off and use coconut oil.

    It feels great.

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