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Everything Lunches

What Could You Eat For Lunch?

Hello beautiful people.
So I’ve blogged before about the benefits of a low carb lifestyle, check out the link to Mark’s Daily Apple website and my ‘Updating Myself’ blog at the end of this blog for more info about that. Basically you’ll be eating your way to a happier and more healthy life if you cut those carbs out. Yeah they taste so good but they are oh so bad for your body, mind and spirit. Some people have healed themselves of serious conditions just by cutting out these nasties!
I’ve been on a low carb lifestyle for about a year and a half now, and I cut out sugar, dairy and caffeine two weeks ago and I was feeling great. However just the other day I ate a load of cakes, potatoes, coffees and pizza as it was my daughter’s birthday. I thought it would be ok……..guess what…the next day I had a chest and throat infection, my elbow ached like anything and boo hoo for me – I got piles! Eeek, grim but true. So just imagine if you are eating the stuff all the time and what is happening to your body. Now I’m back off the carbs and the piles have gone (phew) and I’m almost better! Learn from my grim circumstances please!!! The Mark’s Daily Apple link tells you what happens when you eat the carbs – it’s surprising! I dare you to check it out. 😉
We are now a low carb vegetarian family too. We decided that eating meat wasn’t working for us – you can decide what’s best for you in that matter. Too many toxins and your body can’t cope! On the Mark’s Daily Apple site he advocates eating meat – and a lot of it. It’s best you decide what to do with this. We started off eating meat and now we don’t. It certainly helped to get off the carbs!
* Edit – in fact you and your body will know what sort of foods to eat, you just have to be able to ascertain the difference between needing something or wanting something. Before you eat anything check in with your body what it wants to eat. You can do this by imagining eating it and see/think/feel/know if it is right for your body.

Everything Lunches

But what can you eat for lunch? Here’s a description of what we eat for a family lunch time to help you out…..
Above is a photo of our ‘Everything Lunches’. Sorry it’s a bit blurry – I’m still getting used to taking photos with my phone! We put everything all on a tray so that everyone in the family can just help themselves to whatever they want. Putting loads of fruit and vegetables mean the whole family eat healthily, as only healthy food is on offer.
What’s in the ‘Everything Lunch’?
* Mixture of nuts; almonds, brazils, hazel nuts, cashew nuts, and pecans
* Cucumber
* Carrots
* Tomatoes
* Green peppers
* Braeburn apples
* Romaine Lettuce
* Cheddar cheese
* Clementines
* Mozzarella cheese
* Goji berries
Other things that we use are:
* Roasted, tamari’d mixed seeds; pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and linseeds (flaxseeds) roasted and covered in tamari.
* Tahini (creamed sesame seeds)
* Marmite
* Green and black olives
* Spinach
* Rocket
* Capers
* Lemony Sauce; 1/4 lemon juice to 3/4 olive oil with salt and pepper
* Balsamic vinegar
These things aren’t traditionally in a primal lifestyle but we use them as they are a compromise food for our family. Spinach with a load of lemony sauce is yummy.

But I miss my Sandwich…

So instead of bread I like to use Romaine lettuce as a slice for putting my food onto like this:
I then wrap the stuff up and munch, munch, munch it. You could take a whole lettuce to work and have slices of things in a box and make up the ‘sandwich’ when you’re there. It works and it’s tasty.
You can put anything on it that you like. Sometimes I like to have marmite, tahini (creamed sesame seeds) or peanut butter on it alongside fruit or vegetables. 
Mix and match it as you want.

The End

That’s it for now. I’ll be adding more recipes over the coming weeks so do keep posted. 
If you’d like to leave me a comment then please do. If you fancy finding out what else I do then click on the links to the right of the page…
With my love,
Be xxx


* Mark’s Daily Apple – a website that gives you information about the primal blueprint. A lifestyle change that’ll make you look and feel amazing.

* Updating Myself Blog – part 1 of 3 of how I got a happier and healthier body.

4 thoughts on “Low Carb Lunch

  1. I think it is great you have found a diet that works for you…I have tried many from strict vegan to anything my intuition resonates with and much inbetween…I am now on a veggie, low carb but without any veggies from the nightshade family ie. peppers, tomatoes etc so am eating a LOT of carrots and leaves, berries and nuts…I still have a weakness for bowls of hot spicy lentil soup and oatcakes with goats cheese!!! most of all I feel I have to LOVE what I am eating. I feel this resonates and ties in well with your other post about intuition and listening to the voice within…as you learn to discern guidance and clarity of purpose from cravings eating intuitively can be really interesting and health giving…ask our body it knows what it needs! Hope the piles are fully recovered and all aches and pains gone…but what a great lesson from your body about its needs…<3

  2. Countess Belisarius – thank you for your comment. You are quite right about trusting your own body to know what it needs. I have added an edit that says that now. So thank you for reminding me. There are a lot of people who have a reaction to the nightshade family and keep them out of their diet. Discernment is very important to find out what is best for your body. Of course we all have slightly different needs. Congratulations to you for finding a diet that works for you and for taking the step to listen. Thanks again for your comment. Best wishes to you. x

  3. Yum yum. Blackberry and I went grain free again this morning (and for me the extension of this to low-carb makes total sense too) and I feel so much more creative and calm. Working a bit harder to figure out what to eat is great for my menu-morale, we had got very stuck in easy food again. Thanks for the weblink

    x A

  4. Thank you Weststar. I hope the no grains goes well for you. Congrats to you for taking control – sometimes just that is the most challenging thing.

    If you fancy sharing any of your food ideas then please do.


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