Following My Intuition

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I was in Norwich yesterday visiting the charity shops when I sensed that my intuition wanted to tell me something.

I know when my intuition is wanting to say something as I can feel a tingling sensation go off in the top part of my head. Like a bell going off but without the sound.

I decided this time to ask ‘it’ questions:

“Is there something for me in this shop?”

I heard a yes in my mind.

“Is it in the front or back of the shop.”

The back.

I then walked to the back of the shop.

“Is it a dvd?”


“Is it a book?”


I started to scan the book shelves.

Now a few days ago I was talking to my children about some books that I used to really enjoy reading when I was a child, they were called ‘Beyond Belief’. I believe they belonged to my late Grand Father and the books shaped who I am today. In them they had fantastical stories of levitating Saints, statues crying milk, unexplanable creatures, and amazing things that humans have done like telepathy, clairvoyance, and the like. I’d wanted to find a book like this again.

Guess what I found on the bottom shelf? I wasn’t ‘Beyond Belief’ but ‘Into the Unknown’, a book all about the things that I’d wanted and for only £1.25.

I believe my inner guidance/intuition led me to that book.

What’s more is that we all have the ability to hear that inner voice and the more we listen and act on it the stronger it gets.

It can give us guidance about many different things – such as what foods to eat that are healthy for us, what clothes to wear, where to look when we’ve lost something, to call a friend or family member who might be in need, amongst many other things.

Have you ever been going anywhere and thought ‘I must take that thing with me’ and then not take it only to find that you needed it later? That was your inner voice telling you to take it.

Perhaps you could try listening next time and then act on it too? You might surprise yourself.

Perhaps you already are listening. If you would like to share any of your experiences I’d love to hear about them.

With my love


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