I’m Updating Myself Part 3 of 3

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Hello, hello!
How are you doing? How’ve you been since my last instalment? I wonder if you’ve made any changes or been thinking about any changes? How’s that going for you? Has it been easy or challenging? What is working for you?
Well these last few weeks have been extremely challenging for me. I have felt overwhelmed by so much ‘stuff’ and last week it got to a pinnacle point. I had a choice – I could either carry on feeling awful or I could talk about how I was feeling and let it all out. I chose to talk about it, even though it was difficult to do. Now, however, I feel released…..I was causing all this pain myself by not having the courage to talk about it. Is there anything going on with you that would be useful for you to let out to someone? Can you find the courage to tell the truth about it? I can only recommend it – once it’s out then you can start to find solutions as to how to make it better. 
In this week’s 3 part of ‘I’m Updating Myself’ I’ll be talking about emotional background, addictions, health, exercise, reasons why to not eat carbohydrates, the sort of foods that I eat and support. I’ll also put all the relevant links at the end of the blog. 
You might also like to read parts 1 and 2 of ‘I’m Updating Myself’ to get the full picture of what I’ve done to get myself in a better place. Just scroll down the page to see them.
I’ve mentioned this before but it feels pertinent to mention it again: I am not a healthcare professional so any info that I give you here, please research yourself and check in with yourself whether you it’s right for you to do. I am sharing my journey and it works for me, but it might not work for you. The best thing is to listen to your body to see how it responds and go from there.

Emotional Background

One of the reasons that I kept a lot of fat on my body was because of my emotional background i.e. things that had happened in the past that had effected me emotionally. So when I wanted to lose the fat I needed to look at why I chose to remain fat and not be slim. This is a tricky thing to note how to do as this process grew with time and was personal to me. 

The main ways that I was able to look at this were: I spent some time meditating on it and thinking about it. Sometimes the answer would come quickly and other times it would take a while for the truth to come to the surface. 

I also took some courses that helped me glean more information about myself run by the More to Life people. I also attended ‘The Power of Self Esteem’ and ‘The Power of Purpose’ courses ran by Zoe Grace Cozens of Leapfrog training, which gave me techniques to find out what I really thought of myself and then work out if if those thoughts were true or not. I’ve attached a link at the end of the blog for you. Having assistance with this really helped as the emotional layer is quite difficult to see and shift by yourself.

I spent some time writing down in my life book the reasons why I might be fat and did ‘some work’ using the techniques I leart to shift those unhelpful beliefs about myself. I eventually worked out that I chose to be fat as it was safer for me than being thin and attractive. This is spurious logic of course as the feeling of safety only comes from inside me. My partner and I then worked out ways that I could feel safer even when I was thinner like wearing an engagement ring or just knowing that I was unavailable. Once I had some ‘safe’ things in place I then felt I was able to loose the fat. I could then start to be slimmer.

There are some brilliant books out there to help you sift through old patterns and habits. One book is by Louise L Hay. I’ll add a link at the end. 


When I’m feeling emotionally low, I eat sugar in the form of ice cream, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, etc. It is a coping mechanism that I use when life gets challenging and I’m sure that many of you do too. It is very common and of course sugary things are extremely easy to access. In fact the amount of determination I need not to buy the stuff is massive especially when I’m out shopping as it is everywhere I look, packing looking shiny, bright and exciting. 
The problem with eating sugar is it is addictive. Once I have had a little sugary taste then I want more and more and more, even if I’m feeling sick! And once I’m on that sugar addict train then it is very difficult to get off. So when I want to get myself off the sugar train I eat loads of dried fruit; prunes, dates, figs, sultanas etc as a substitute. Dried fruits are high in carbohydrates but it feels ok to eat them as it is better than eating a cake or such like. I will also eat loads oatcakes with butter and honey on them when I’m weaning off sugar. Again they are also relatively high in carbs but I allow it as a compromise just while I’m getting sugar out of my system. Slowly but surely I then eat less sugar as the need drops off.

It also helps me if I look at the reasons why I’m eating it and then tell someone how I’m feeling. Once I’ve spoken the feelings out of my body I don’t have the ‘need’ to eat it so much. All I then have to do is wean the addiction out by eating dried fruit and honey on oat cakes, or tahini and honey mixed together.
I am still working on how to overcome this addiction….I’ll get there. Perhaps you might have some tips for me on this one. Please do comment if you do.

Do you have a food/drink addiction? What are your triggers? What coping strategies do you have in 
place? What steps are you taking to change this behaviour? Do you even want to change your addictive behaviour – be honest about it? What pay off do you get by keeping this behaviour?


On Mark’s Daily Apple page he advocates exercise as an important part of loosing the weight. I agree with him – although my persistence with the exercises hasn’t been good. I started off well but now I don’t do his routines. I hope to resume them in the future. 
I don’t set aside time to exercise during the day but I do consciously stretch my body, run where I can – in short sharp bursts, lift my children in an exercising sort of way, garden in an exercising sort of way, play in an exercising way, walk about as much as I can and just generally try to imagine that I’m a fit and healthy human being. When I’m in the playground with my daughters then I’ll hang off the monkey bars and lift myself up on things and generally exercise my body. I would like to do more, I just haven’t put my mind to it – yet.
What sort of exercise will you do? How will you keep your muscles fit? 

Why Not Eat Carbohydrates?

So you may have got to this point and be asking why should I really stop eating carbs – I like them and they taste good. Carbohydrates do taste good, there’s no denying it. In fact it’s difficult to find a replacement taste. The problem is that carbs cause illnesses and they make your body feel sluggish because they jam up your body. In fact there are many people out there who, when they stopped eating carbs, found illnesses and other body problems that had been plaguing them for years disappeared. I find it surprising that something as simple as changing your diet can have such massive effects.

I used to suffer from small white spots on my body, that no amount of exfoliating got rid of. Once I stopped eating carbs then the spots disappeared. I wonder what ailments you’ll find disappear once you change the way you eat?

Daily Menu

When we started this palaeolithic way of eating we did eat meat, and a lot of it. I found that eating that amount of meat was too much for my system and I didn’t like how my body felt. These days we don’t eat meat at all, and have switched to a vegetarian diet. It is important for you to listen to your body and what is going to work for you. If you need to see menu ideas for meat eaters then Mark’s Daily Apple has some very good resources.

So here’s an example of the things that I eat.

Breakfast: eaten when I finally get hungry;
* 2 fried eggs and fried tomato, or
* handful of greens, chopped tomato, onion all fried with butter or coconut oil and flavouring and an egg cooked on top
* fruit or
* nothing

* Romaine leaf sandwich: some cheese, Romaine lettuce leaves, 1 tomato, 1 apple, 1 carrot, mayonnaise/pickle for flavouring or
* Salad: spinach, lettuce, rocket, carrot and nuts with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper or
* Some cheese and an apple or
* A mixture of raw vegetables, tamari flavoured roasted mixed seeds and home made hummous or
* Nothing

* Stir fry Vegetables with nuts
* Roasted vegetables with feta and gravy
* Tomato soup with fried haloumi and green salad
* Cheese souffle with sprouts in a tahini and onion sauce
* Bean and mushroom Korma with steamed green vegetables
* Nothing

* Home made fruit and vegetable juice or
* Fruit or
* Yoghurt with tahini
* Frozen blueberries with tahini
* Banana with tahini
* Nuts 
* Tamari flavoured seeds (sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds, and pumpkin seeds roasted and flavoured with tamari)
* Cheese
* Linseed crackers with home made hummus

When I’m weaning off sugar:
* Unsulphured dried fruit; prunes, figs, dates, sultanas (sulphured fruit hurts my tummy) or
* Oatcakes with butter, honey and or tahini or
* home made gram flour pancakes with honey and butter or home made 75% chocolate sauce
* Yoghurt with tahini and honey
* Frozen blueberries with tahini and honey
* Tahini and honey mixed together

* Cup of tea with very little milk
* Filter coffee
* Water
* Sometimes milk
No soft drinks, fizzy drinks or shop bought fruit juices

When I’m out and about or when I’m at a friends house I sometimes do eat carbs as it can be tricky to not eat them. I do compromise as I think if I get too fussy then it’ll be more detrimental to my stress levels than by just eating them. Other people don’t do this, so it’s as you choose.

In the future I will make some videos of the food that I eat along with the recipes so you can make them. If you want to keep in touch then please do subscribe to any my outlets: facebook, youtube, twitter etc, all the links are on the right hand side of this page.

Also remember that there are loads of websites and blogs that have more info about this if you need more. Please do your own research too.


Cutting carbs out of my diet hasn’t been too tricky to do as all of our family have stopped eating them. I think it would have been more difficult if we hadn’t done it together. We still do have a day a month (around full moon) where some of us eat carby foods. Generally we feel unwell after this so we are looking at ways of being able to eat ‘treat’ type foods that we make that don’t have a high amount of carbs in them, like cooking with almond flour, gram flour and such like. I’ll keep you posted with ideas about this in the future. 

Perhaps there might be someone who you could do this with? How will you be able to implement change if your family doesn’t want to? How could you feel supported in this? What do you need to happen to make this change?

So there you have it. I hope that some or all of this info has been useful to you. I’d like to point out here that stopping eating carbs isn’t a diet for me it is a life style change, which means that I don’t plan on ever eating a large amount of carbs in my day to day life ever agin. I want to eat this healthier diet from now on to support my growth physically, mentally and emotionally. Are you ready to make a change too?

If you decide to cut carbs out of your diet there will be a few weeks where you’ll feel awful as your body detoxes. It will pass. Keep drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruit and vegetables to help clear it out. Best of luck to you, in whatever you decide to do.

If you’d like to let me know what you think or you have any suggestions then please post a comment below.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Big love to you,

Be x


Here’s a list of websites and info that have helped me on this journey for you to check out.

Mark’s Daily Apple – info about how to change your eating, exercise routines, other success stories, meal ideas.

Leapfrog Training – where I learnt effective techniques to shift unhelpful beliefs and helped me find my purpose with Zoe Grace Cozens. 

More to Life – courses that teach you techniques to let go of your past and that enable you to change unhelpful beliefs.

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay – Full of ideas and strategies that have worked for millions of people worldwide. This practical self-help guide will change the way you think forever! You Can Heal Your Life, the definitive bestselling book on self-healing, has transformed the lives of millions of people. This is a book that people credit with profoundly altering their awareness of the impact that the mind has on our health and wellbeing. 

Pure Bliss – Gill Edwards – a book that helps you live heaven on earth. 

Life from Light – Michael Werner & Thomas Stockli – a Scientist reports on his experiences when he stopped eating food and has survived perfectly well without.

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