My Music Set Up So Far

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Hello there!

I’m in the process of writing a blog about how I’ve lost so much weight over the last year and a half that I will post in the next few days.

In the mean time I wanted to post a video showing my music set up that I recorded on 18th July 2012 – almost two months ago. It details the equipment that I’m using and the problems that I’m having with setting it up. Here it is:

I still haven’t been able to solve the problem yet even with all the help and useful suggestions that everyone has given. Also I’ve been off on some camping holidays with my family and some festivals with my friends so time hasn’t been as available to sort it out. Now that the summer is basically over I can get my head down again and onto this project.

I will be talking to a friend soon so see what he suggests re: how to ground it properly – I think I will have to make a ground wire out of an old kettle lead that only has the earth wire in it that I can then plug into a plug which should then ground it. I’ll attach it to the grounding screw on the back of the Kaoss Pad 3 and onto a screw on the bottom of the Kaoss Pad Quad. I will keep you posted and show you what works when I’ve done it.

All this stuff is quite far out of my knowledge and I’m feeling really challenged by it. I’ve not been able to do any music on the set up as I want it all to be working properly before I can use it. However I have been doing lots of beat boxing practice and have had one lesson from Cath Evans which has been phenomenally useful. She’s a drummer by profession and is an excellent teacher. There’s a link at the end of the blog for her music teacher page. I will be having a few more lessons off her soon.

I’ve also started to get some more music come to me that I’ve been recording on my phone, which I’m excited about. So things are slowly coming together. I’ve also realised that I’d like to get a Novation Xiosynth to add to my set up as I’d like something that I can pitch my music to. At the moment I’ve been using a Stylophone with headphones in but it’s not been easy to do.

One marvellous thing that’s happened over the summer is that I’ve been a backing singer with my friend Gael Mossesson. We sang at Harlequin Fayre and Shambala Festival and are hoping to do some more next year. I’ve also agreed to be in her band full time, so now Me and Johanna (the other backing singer) can learn some serious dance moves. It was a great experience working with Gael (piano), Johanna (backing singer) and Yeston (Cahon drums). It has helped me with my stage presence, mic control, singing to an audience, and has meant I got to meet a load of wonderful people on this journey.

Gaels’ Band: Johanna, Me and Gael on piano. Yeston is just out of shot here.

So I’ll keep it at that for the moment as life is calling me. All the links are underneath for the things that I’ve mentioned.

Oh, and if you are interested in how I lost so much weight (I was a size 18 for a bit whilst pregnant) then do keep your eyes out for my next blog that’ll be ready in the few days where I’ll share my journey  about my weight loss – including some funny photos of me!!!

Big love to you all and until next time,

Be x

Cath Evans – drum and piano teacher.

Novation Xiosynth


The Bass Bin

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