I’m Updating Myself Part 2 of 3

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Hello, hello to you,

So how are you doing? I wonder if you’ve been thinking about or put in place any of the suggestions from my previous blog? Have you noticed anything about yourself, perhaps you’ve started to look at what you actually want in this life and that you want to have a fitter and healthier body. I hope that you might find some more useful info in this blog that will help you change your life and raise your self esteem.

In this second part of this ‘updating myself’ blog I’ll carry on explaining about the things that I have done over the last few years that have enabled me to have a thinner body and a happier life.

I will stress here that I am not a healthcare professional and I can not take responsibility for what you decide to do with your body. These things have helped me but please check in with yourself if it feels ok for you to do. You may even want to talk to a health care professional about it.

You will find a load of useful links at the end of the blog, with info that’s helped me on this journey.

Here we go:

Updating Vision

An interesting technique that helped me embody the new me that I wanted, was to use my imagination. On an ‘update’ day,  I would frequently imagine what my body would feel like a dress sizes smaller. How would a smaller tummy feel and look and actually imagine it. How would my stronger and fitter muscles feel in my legs, arms and abdomen? How much lighter would I feel in my step? It really gave me a sense that it was actually possible to have less fat and be fitter. 

I would stand naked in front of the mirror and really look at what my body was like and not shy away from looking at me. My belly was one of my problem areas as it’s held two children, got pretty stretched during and I ate so many cakes the fat just sat on there. I could really grip the fat when I started however now it is getting back to being flat and not crinkly. I’ve been encouraging and imagining the skin stretching back and it’s working. 
I am also an advocate of the principle that our body and even every cell of our bodies has an energetic field to them. When we think a particular way about ourselves then it is reflected in our bodies. So when I imagined a ‘fitter and less fat’ body I was linking that info to my body telling it it didn’t need to be fat any more. I basically upgraded my body to be the way I want it to be. A bit like getting a more efficient upgrade for your phone or computer.
The chakras and meridians; energy systems of the body by Alex Grey
Each time I reach my body goal I work out the next achievable size that I would like to be and do the same process again. Updating myself to a better me. 
I would suggest being realistic with your goals so they are obtainable. One or maybe two dress sizes smaller would be sufficient. I also suggest actually feeling into your body and sensing stronger muscles and what it would feel like without so much fat. You can do this anytime of the day or night. I tended to do it whilst walking somewhere or lying in bed at night. 

Information & Knowledge:

A big bit of information that helped me reach my less fat goal was when my partner found a website Mark’s Daily Apple website (see link at the end of blog), that details what happens to your body when you eat carbohydrates (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, oats, spelt, corn, millet, etc). Essentially they all digest into sugar and if you are doing nothing to burn off the carb sugar you’ve just eaten it gets stored in your body as fat! ! So each time I was eating any carb I was pilling on more fat onto my body. Now I’m not great on the science so if you need more complex info then please do look at Mark’s Daily Apple as there is a lot great info and some inspiring success stories too. 
What my partner and I decided was to stop eating as many carbohydrates during each day as we could. So we stopped eating and buying bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, spelt, corn, millet, etc. As simple as that. So our meals consisted of meat and two sorts of steamed vegetables with butter. We still bought Nairns oat cakes and oats as a compromise and we still do. Now we don’t eat any meat and live off cheese, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, butter, coconut oil, fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Eating lots of meat, fruit and vegetables worked for the first year but my body started feeling lethargic and I couldn’t digest all the meat I was eating. I then started eating a lot less, and now I don’t eat it at all. Eating meat was a great stop gap but it didn’t work well for my body, which I noticed so I could adjust to eating less meat.

Lots of people start by cutting out one thing and gradually cut out the remaining things when they are ready. If you want to loose the fat then please go only as fast or slow that you can manage. If I had to cut all of it out then I wouldn’t have even bothered starting, as I would have already felt defeated. 

With that in mind, what do you think you might be able to cut out of your diet that you could go without? What do you feel prepared to do to change your diet?

Some people find that when they cut out something they feel pretty awful for between a few days to a couple of weeks. Your body has to detox these things out of your body and it can make you feel rough. The best thing to do is be prepared for feeling rough for a bit, drink loads of water and eat loads of fruit and vegetables. Eventually it’ll settle down and you’ll feel great.

How much do I really need to eat?

I challenge the idea for the need to eat three meals a day. I have found that actually I do really well on eating breakfast late around 11am, then eating a snack type lunch and then eating with my family at 5pm. I can also survive well on eating two meals a day and some snacks. Sometimes I eat even less too or nothing at all. It really depends on what my body wants and what it feels like eating. Of course there are days when I eat more too, it depends on how I’m doing emotionally!!

How much do you actually need to eat? Have you ever thought about eating less than 3 meals a day? It is possible, what might you be prepared to change in your diet?

Ever heard of Breatharians? A person who lives off light? See the links at the end of the blog for more info about this. 

Listening to my body

A lot of the time in the past (and sometimes still now) I would eat food even when I wasn’t hungry. I’d eat when I was bored, upset, annoyed, just because there was food around or some other reason. It has taken a lot of time to realise that it is important to feel into, or check in with my body whether it actually wants any food or not. Sometimes I’ll imagine eating a particular food and feel whether my tummy wants it or whether it wants nothing at all. Sometimes I’ll look at a food and my tummy will immediately feel sick so I know that I don’t want it.
There are times when I don’t check in with my body and just eat the food anyway. If I feel sick then I know that I fed myself before I was ready or with a food that I didn’t want/need. I like to notice these times and work out what went on so that I can remedy the problem for next time. For instance recently I’ve started noticing I feel sick after my cup of tea in the morning, and it was because I was having too much milk in it. So now, I’ve adjusted the amount of milk to very little and I’m not feeling sick from it. I may stop having milk in it all, I’ll wait and see.

Another important time to listen to my body comes when I’m actually eating the meal. I get some clear signs from my body when I’m almost full, that can quite easily ignore if I’m enjoying the food. My signals are my tummy feeling big, feeling a bit sick, and when I’ve eaten way too much burping and tasting the acid in my throat. Grim – I know but a very clear signal that I’ve eaten way too much. So what I try to do, (which I forget and ignore at times) is really notice when my signs start happening so that I know I’m full and then stop eating. If I snack on the remainder of the food on my plate then I’ll move the plate away from me or even clear it out of the room so that I’m not tempted to eat more than I need.
What are your signs that you’re full? What happens to you when you’ve eaten something that your body hasn’t liked? How do you tune into what your body wants to eat? You might like to write them down when they happen so you can remember them.


A friend of mine recently reminded me that chewing the food 30 times each mouthful means that you eat less and you get more nutrients out of it. When we properly chew our food saliva is released from under the tongue which breaks down the food and digests it. So when I shovel food into my mouth and swallow after only five chews there isn’t enough saliva to break it all down as the food hasn’t been in my mouth long enough.
I’ve read and heard that it can take between ten to twenty minutes for our stomachs to send the signal that we are full. So if I pile in the food quickly my stomach is too full before the message gets to my brain. So I now try to chew more and eat more slowly, it is a tricky thing to remember though and I don’t always succeed. 
I’ll add here that it is best not to watch t.v. or be reading whilst you eat so you can really focus of the food, the chewing, the smelling, and your body and your tummy.

Where do you eat your meals? How much attention do you pay to what you are eating? How many times do you chew before you swallow? Next time that you sit down for a meal, notice what you do and make a note of it.

A Frangipani because they are beautiful

That’s it for now. Keep posted for the last instalment of ‘Updating Myself’ where I’ll give you some ideas of things to eat and the last few tips on how to update yourself.

Big love to you all,


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Here’s a list of websites and info that have helped me on this journey for you to check out.

Mark’s Daily Apple – info about how to change your eating, exercise routines, other success stories, meal ideas.

Leapfrog Training – where I learnt effective techniques to shift unhelpful beliefs and helped me find my purpose with Zoe Grace Cozens. 
More to Life– courses that teach you techniques to let go of your past and that enable you to change unhelpful beliefs.
You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay – Full of ideas and strategies that have worked for millions of people worldwide. This practical self-help guide will change the way you think forever! You Can Heal Your Life, the definitive bestselling book on self-healing, has transformed the lives of millions of people. This is a book that people credit with profoundly altering their awareness of the impact that the mind has on our health and wellbeing. 

Pure Bliss – Gill Edwards – a book that helps you live heaven on earth. 

Life from Light – Michael Werner & Thomas Stockli – a Scientist reports on his experiences when he stopped eating food and has survived perfectly well without.

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