I’m Updating Myself part 1 of 3.

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Hello again.

How are you? Is life well with you? I hope so.

In this blog I will be talking about some of the ways I changed myself from being fat to how I am now and the steps that I took to do this. This journey doesn’t just include my ever decreasing amount of fat but also how I’ve been trying to better myself, as that is an integral intertwined part of my journey. I don’t claim to know everything, I’m just sharing my journey, so far, in the hope that it might inspire some of you to make changes to a healthier and happier you too. I’m also looking forward to hearing about any suggestions you might have for me too – please post them in the comments area at the bottom of the page.

I’ve made a few suggestions that you might like to do or you may not – only you will be able to tell if it’s good for you or not. So please don’t just do the suggestions but ‘check in’ with yourself to see if it’s what you want to do – do be aware though that you could be having resistance to the suggestions as that’s a clever way the ego has of holding us back by saying, like a petulant teenager, that it doesn’t want to do anything. Always check in with yourself.

It is important for me to stress here that I am not a health care professional and this is just my journey. Please do your own research, don’t take my word for it and find out if this is way of being is right for you.

I’ve put each of the steps in sub headings but that doesn’t mean that I did them sequentially. Also I wrote so much info in this blog that I’ve broken it down into three parts that I’ll post a week apart. I wanted to post it all in one blog but it was just too long. So here is section 1 of 3.

There are some links at the end of the blog for things that have helped me along this journey.

My Life Book

Two years and 4 months ago I started my life book, which details most of my daily life. The sort of things I write in there are: reminders, inspirational ideas, my wants, issues effecting me, solutions to those issues, brainstormings about my projects and tasks that I want to do, things that I want to be doing in my life and probably some more stuff that I can’t remember. Whenever I meet some one who has useful info for me, or think about some cool idea or anything that is relevant to me or my life then I write it down in my life book so that I can follow it up at a later date. Recently I’ve started adding comments that my children have made that I really like as well.

My life book has been and still is a phenomenally useful tool as writing all this ‘stuff’ down on paper means my head has more space to think up new things as the old ideas aren’t still bouncing around in there. So this was the start of taking control of my life in a more efficient and effective way. 

Perhaps you might find it useful to have a book too. Choose a book and pen that you like the look of and that’s easy to carry around with you. You can write in it anytime anything comes to you, whenever you see, hear, feel etc anything that is pertinent to your journey and life. My partner uses the Evernote app on his phone to note down his projects and ideas, alongside a life book. So it’s important to find a way for you to note down your life stuff that works best for you.
If I write down an idea, task or action that I need to follow up then I letter each of them and write them up in a task table with a ‘done’ column so that when I have finished that task I can tick it and add the date as done/finished. I’m more likely to do the task or follow up action as this table makes me accountable and I can see what I have to do more easily.  You could even add a ‘do by’ date. This is my most up to date way of being accountable – there have been a few different phases of it and this my best way so far. It’s ever evolving.
My Task Table

How is this relevant to losing weight? Doing all this writing helped me focus onto the things that I wanted to do and I was able to get out all the stuff that had been in my head for so long. I was able to see that if I wanted to move on in my life then I needed to look at it all and see if I was living the life that I wanted and if not then I needed to make changes. I also used the book to write down things weight related.


At the top of the page are a collection of photos of me taken from up to three years ago (on the left side) up to present time (right hand side). During my second pregnancy I had eaten a lot of cakes etc and had put on a lot of weight. I might even be pregnant in one of those photos, unfortunately the computer didn’t save the date the photo was taken so I can’t tell for sure, if I am or not. At my biggest I was a size 18 (size 16 in US) and felt uncomfortable in my skin. I am now a size 10/12 and I feel a lot happier and more confident in myself.

I’m really glad that I have some photos to compare myself to. They really show how much I have changed and I think I look so different in all of them. In fact I think I look like a totally different person! With this in mind, I suggest taking a photo of yourself that you can compare yourself to in the future. You can decide the frequency of how often to take a new one.

This may not seem relevant to you but my beliefs about life certainly affected my weight! They play a big part in in my life but sometimes I don’t pay them as much attention as I could. So what are my beliefs about my life? What do I think life is? Why am I alive? 
I believe that life is about trying to attain enlightenment. I’ve posted before about aspects of this and I hope to post more in the future. However for now the reason that particular belief is pertinent to my argument is this: if I want to try and obtain enlightenment then I need to look after my body, mind and soul. I feel compelled to better myself, to listen to my intuition about what I want to do and to try to reach my dreams even if that means that I’ll be challenged along the way. So part of my reaching for enlightenment is being less fat, allowing my light to shine and not being afraid if I’m looking good. 
Perhaps you have certain reasons that might aid you to lose weight too. Having as many reasons as possible will help support you in reaching your goal. It would be useful for you to write down your reasons why you want to lose weight. Also you might have some unhelpful beliefs that are holding you back? You could also write down all the reasons why you don’t want to.

Some of the reasons why I wanted to loose weight were: I wanted to feel lighter, I actually want to be seen as attractive, I wanted my body to have less fat on it and so on.

Some of the reasons why I didn’t want to loose weight were: if I’m thinner I won’t feel safe, if I loose weight then I won’t be able to eat cakes, I’ll have to buy a new wardrobe and that’ll cost money and so on.

I’m going to leave it there for now as that’s quite enough info. If you want to hear about the next steps that I took to loosing the fat then you could subscribe to this blog by email or you could follow me on Twitter, Facebook, etc where I’ll post the next blog too. I’ll post the next blog in about a week.

To finish here is an interesting video that I came across by the visionary artist Alex Grey, who’s artwork I really resonate with. I wonder what you’ll think of it:

Thanks for reading.

Big love to you all,



Leapfrog Training – where I learnt effective techniques to shift unhelpful beliefs with Zoe Grace Cozens. 
More to Life – teaching you techniques to let go of your past and that enable you to change unhelpful beliefs.
You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay – Full of ideas and strategies that have worked for millions of people worldwide. This practical self-help guide will change the way you think forever! You Can Heal Your Life, the definitive bestselling book on self-healing, has transformed the lives of millions of people. This is a book that people credit with profoundly altering their awareness of the impact that the mind has on our health and wellbeing. 

Pure Bliss – Gill Edwards – a book that helps you live heaven on earth. Lots of tips on how to live a happier life.

5 thoughts on “I’m Updating Myself part 1 of 3.

  1. Wow Be, as you know I am very fat, and I remember noting the first time I met you at Barefoot how you glowed with health and vitality, so I am very impressed with your journey. I think I need to stop believing that I am doomed to be fat forever and start being kinder to myself and maybe I will go on a similar journey to health too! Congratulations on al your hard work!

  2. Thanks for your comment Lucy. It can be so easy to get stuck in the mindset of things will never change. Thank heavens you've noticed that being kinder to yourself will help. Perhaps there might be some useful tips for you in the following two posts as well. I was fat and now I'm not so I know it's possible to lose it and get rid of it. Good luck Lucy.

  3. Be! This has been such a great surprise! We've had a brief YouTube exchange about the KPQ, so I came here expecting only a music blog. I'm a man, but I've been through a similar experience. I weighed 300 lbs. in 2009, but after a major life style adjustment I'm proud to say that I now weigh 180 lbs. Congratulations! Most importantly you seem to feel as phenomenal as you look. ~Alvaro Perez alv.perez@gmail.com

  4. Congratulations to you Alvaro. That is a big achievement to lose so much weight. What was your secret? Let's keep posted with our music…….who will win the race to get their music up first? Best wishes to you, Be x

  5. No secret. Was just fed up with being a spectator in my own life. Finally took action…ABSOLUTELY! I'm always looking for people to bounce musical ideas off of… 🙂


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