Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

Hello to you all.
It struck me the other day that I am posting about what I am doing with my music but that I haven’t yet let you all know about me and what I am about. So in this blog I intend to tell you a little more about me, so that you can get a picture of who I am.
I am 33 years old woman who’s a fiance to one man, mum to two girls aged 2 and 4 and step mum to one girl aged 9. I love my family dearly and feel so proud to have these beautiful souls in my life. They help me grow so much and I am blessed to be sharing my life with them. We live in a bungalow in a North Norfolk town in the U.K that is small but quaint. It is not really the place that I would like to be living but it is serving us well at the moment. This takes me on nicely to my next point.

Why Blog?

One of the reasons why I am making this blog and doing my music is because I believe that if we follow our intuition, within Natural Law, that we can be wealthy, on so many levels. That could be in how we feel, how we think, with family and friends and/or in our surroundings. I have recently started following this bit of guidance and I’m hoping to show others that it is possible to increase our wealth by following it. It links in, for me, with what Plato said; “Know thyself.” I think that if you can really know how you tick that you can change bits that don’t work, encourage bits that do work, which in turn will increase your wealth. At the moment I think that I’m not fulfilling all the potential that I have so I’ve decided to reach higher to see what happens. So, if you are just joining me on this journey, we’ll be able to see how effective I’ll be in attaining wealth by following my bliss!
I am a spiritual person who believes that body, mind and spirit all need to be working efficiently and effectively in order to have a happy and healthy life. I am fascinated by esoteric knowledge, psychology and have been an energy healer since about 18. I haven’t offered my healing to many people on a professional level since finding out that I knew how to use energy but with this new information about following my intuition, I am in the process of offering healing professionally. I have found out about insurance, I’m looking for somewhere to practice it and then I’ll advertise my skills. I will be contacting someone on Monday for a place to practice it. I’ll keep you posted with how it all goes.

Meditation Vision

In the middle of September 2010, whilst meditating I received a vision of me singing to a group of people. As I was singing I could see their chakras and energy being cleansed and their energy bodies lighting up and I knew that I wanted to do this to help people. Since then I have condensed, clarified, nurtured, learned things, shared my vision, and worked hard to bring this vision to fruition. I have come up against so much ‘mind talk’, that negative ego voice in my head that tells me degrading, unpleasant and harsh things, to try and keep me small. I have also uncovered so many unhelpful beliefs that have also held me back. 
Luckily in January of 2011, I posted something on Facebook about how do you know what your life’s path is and a friend, Zoe Grace Cozens, replied with an offer of a course she was running called ‘The Power of Purpose’.  This helped me phenomenally as it highlighted that I had dreams that I wasn’t even aware of and gave me tools to enable me to fulfil them as well.  I then went on another course that Zoe Grace ran called ‘The Power of Self Esteem‘, this gave me a tool to see, write down and verify whether what my ego was saying was true, false or don’t know. I use this process regularly if I find myself reacting to my ‘mind talk’. I still get ‘mind talk’ and always will but at least now I have a process that I can use to verify if what it’s saying is true. It has really helped me be able to actually reach for this dream rather than stopping at the starting blocks out of fear!
So since then I’ve been mothering, supporting myself and my family and trying to do this music. It has been a challenge but then isn’t that just what life is? My absolute dream would be to travel round the world with my family, singing my music to all sorts of people and running energy healing workshops alongside them. I’d also like to record c.d of this music for people to enjoy, meditate to, or to dance to. 
Well, that is as much as I’d like to write for now, as it is time for my bed. In my next post I’ll explain a little bit more of my plan about the set of music I’m creating and how I’m doing it.
Do let me know what you think, and if you’d like to share anything about yourself then please post away.
With my best wishes to you all and with my love,

2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. HI again Be. I just wanted to say that I love your music and your vision of what you want to be doing. It may take time for it to get rolling but it will happen. I just wanted to say that I have been blogging for two years or more and only get the occasional comment. Yet people tell me all the time that they read my blog and love it. So don't be discouraged by lack of feedback. You can get a counter to see who's coming on…see my Aurumastrology blog on side bar. You can click on it there. Good luck

  2. Thank you for that info – I've added a counter now!

    This project has been almost two years in the making now and it's getting closer and closer to fruition. I'm quite excited about it all. Who knows what it'll look like at the end?


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