Powering On

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Hello to you all,

Things have been moving on slowly but surely here. I’ve been gathering information about the next step.

I have only partially written ‘Light In My Soul’ because I have been deciding what else to add in there and how to add it. In the past I have just received music in my ears or started singing something that sounds good but for this next bit nothing has particularly come to me. I have an idea of the concept that I want to put across but actually doing it has stumped me. This has meant that I’ve had to start to learn how to properly write songs. I have an intuitive grasp of what to do but I’ve never actually learnt about all the different song writing styles. So this has been a challenge for me.

So the other day I went through and started to gather words that resonated with me and the message of the first song. Here are some that I liked: celestial bodies, self consciousness, divine consciousness, higher evolution, true will, harmony of the spheres, devoted spiritual practices, essence, spirit, soul, divine light energy, the fundamental interactions, esoteric knowledge, flower of life, platonic solids, and there are more.

The next step for me is to work out how to weave it all together. Do I sing it, have it as spoken word or even rap it? I just don’t know yet. I’m sure it’ll come to me when it’s ready.

This whole songwriting process is interesting for me. In fact this whole process of reaching for my dream is interesting. I realised the other day that I’ve never actually reached for a dream of mine. I’ve stopped right at the start. This doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything in my life, in fact I’ve done lots, but I’ve always gone with the flow. This isn’t wrong or bad, it is merely something that I’ve noticed and now I’ve decided to try ‘doing life’ a different way.

I have a 20 minute set on the 20th of April at Jurnet’s Bar in Norwich, England, that I decided to book after a conversation with a group of women friends of mine, who encouraged me to actually get out there and sing my stuff. I thought it was a great idea as having a goal to reach towards would mean that it would help me to get the songs together. So I have the bones for 3 songs, I have about 51 days to put these songs together and now I just need to do them.

I will keep you posted, and please keep me posted with your comments. I’d love to hear from you all.

Wish me luck, I’m going to be using my determination, will and perseverance.

With my love and best wishes to you all,

Be xxx

p.s What I  have had energy for is the new header for the new website I’m making.

Let me know what you think of it. I’m not set on the layout yet. It’d be great to have some input. x

One thought on “Powering On

  1. Sawadee krb – Howdy

    I was a few sentences in and I thought – I should send her that old poem of mine. Several people said it would make a nice song. Then I remembered that my hard drive ate my operating system and many of my easily accessible work sheets still need to be re-constructed.

    I seem to be more found of the free flowing creative juice than the hard freaking work that it takes to keep moving forward with a semblance of organization.

    Nice Header! One of the first things I rebuilt was the close for my videos …. la la la la la la la fa la la la la …

    Maybe I could change the name of the blog post I was working on to Humpy Dumpy!


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