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Well what a brilliant evening I had making music last night. I posted in an earlier blog that I was recording the song ‘Light in My Soul‘, which I started to do on Monday. It didn’t go as easily as I thought it would do and I felt a little disheartened. I’d tried to create the background beat first as then overlay the chant and it just wasn’t gelling together. I kept on trying but the song sounded flat and uninspiring.

However yesterday, I tried again but with a different tact – this time I went with my inspiration and what it wanted to do and didn’t even bother to try and make ‘Light in My Soul’. The song started out really well, very atmospheric with a low drone, the beats came naturally, an interesting horn type sound then came along which fitted very well. I then thought what could I do to the top bit and I wondered if the chant ‘Light in My Soul’ would fit over the top, and would you believe it…… was a perfect fit, even the tuning of it all! I was astounded by this. I really felt that my intuition was guiding me to make the correct backing to fit it ‘Light In My Soul’ without my prior knowledge!!!! I was so awestruck by this that it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I really felt I was in the flow and truly blessed to be able to have that happen to me.

On another note, I was also looking for a starting song for me to play so get people in the mood for dancing before I went into all the chakra songs, and this fits perfectly as well. It’s all adding up!

I’ve learnt an important lesson in all this, and that is to let my intuition guide the way and to keep my pushing self out of the picture! It also brings home that intuitively I already know what to do and it’s my self critical self that only holds me back. Wow, I really feel so alive about all this. I really feel like I’m following where my heart desires want to go and sticking to the truth of who I am.

Well, I’ll keep you posted as to when it’s ready to go out.

If you have any comments or feedback then please do post them, I’m always up to hear what you think/feel about anything I’ve posted.

With my love


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