Getting it all ready

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Hello there.

I’m Be and I’m re-starting my music career. This blog will be charting my growth as an ethnic spiritual musician.

I write and sing spiritual music on the RC50 Boss Loop Station, which means I can be a one woman band. I beat box, overtone chant, Inuit sing, sing harmonies and chants, mimic other cool sounds, amongst other things.

My aim is to create an hour(ish) long set that is based on the chakras and Hermetic principles to take out gigging so people can dance to it and use the sound and dance as a healing tool, if that’s what is needed. Of course you can just listen to it and not dance, whatever you choose.

Each week(ish) I hope to create a new chant for download for people to share.

And that’s about it for now. I’ll keep you posted.

With my love,


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